Hardware Upgrade, Service, and Repair

Whether your equipment has stopped working completely or if it is just slowing down, we can diagnose and repair most computer hardware problems. Drop off and in-home service are available.

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Recovery, Storage, and Synchronization

Those files you think you've lost may not be gone at all! Our technicians are trained in recovering data from old computers, as well as providing solutions for backups, local servers, and synchronization of data across all devices.

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Communications and Networking

Future Florida Tech Solutions can ensure that all of your devices are connected and experiencing high network speeds. Technicians are available to setup and service your modems, routers, and other networked devices.

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Contact Us Today to Schedule an Appointment

Future Florida Tech Solutions is a local Jacksonville company that specializes in all levels of computer repair and IT support. Whether you’re calling on behalf of a household or a small business, our professional service technicians are dedicated to providing the highest levels of service. Our owners have more than 25 years of combined computer experience including, but not limited to:

General Troubleshooting

  • Overheating

  • Component faults

  • Software misconfiguration

Network Installation and Configuration

  • Modem Installation

  • Router Installation

  • Network Troubleshooting

Custom Hardware Solutions

  • Systems Design and Construction

Anti-Virus and Malware Removal

  • Identify and Quarantine Unwanted Files

  • Discover Infection Source to Prevent Re-occurrence

Upgrades to Existing Systems

  • Speed

  • Storage

  • Visual and Audio Processing

Data Recovery

  • Get Old Files Back

  • Connect Devices

  • Share Files

Server Deployment

  • Network Computers and other Devices

  • Access files remotely

Website Hosting

  • Website Publishing

  • Hosting Services

Search Engine Optimization

  • Content Management, Copywriting, and Editing

  • Website Promotion

  • Organic Search Results

Personalized Customer and Inventory Management Software

  • Customized Software Solutions

  • Track Inventory and Customer Trends

Digital Audio Systems

  • Car and Home Audio

  • Installation and Troubleshooting

Device Management and Synchronization

  • Get New Devices and Gadgets Talking to Each Other

If you’re interested in learning more about how Future Florida can help you, give us a call or use the provided contact form. One of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss options and set up an appointment.