WordPress Hosting with FutureFL Tech: Case Study

Website hosting is just one of the many technical services FutureFL Tech can provide. In addition to local servers in Jacksonville FL, we also manage a wide array of third party remote servers that can provide a fast and affordable alternative to on-site server administration.

We’ve recently upgraded our LAMP stack deployment and page loading times are looking great for WordPress sites on the system. One of those sites is WebsiteBuilding.biz and it’s currently loading as quickly as 112 milliseconds in Dallas, Texas.

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What’s that mean locally? From a home Comcast connection, Google Chrome tells me that the total load time as an end-user in Jacksonville, Florida is 887 milliseconds.

How long should your customer wait for your website?

Evidence shows that user engagement drops and bounce rates increase dramatically on web pages that take more than about 2 or 2.4 seconds to load.

A faster website is always going to rank and convert better than an identical one that loads slowly, so how many customers have you turned away because you’ve made them wait?

Causes of a Slow Website

The most common cause of a slow website is overburdening a cheap shared host. These companies will offer hosting for as little as $5 a month but performance is extremely limited – and may vary uncontrollably based on the activity of other websites and domains hosted on that same shared server. To be fair, shared hosting is a great way to juggle multiple projects or learn about web publishing and development, but it’s not a great solution for your high priority sites and sales pages.

Sometimes the problem isn’t even the server. In many other cases, the website itself has been coded in an inefficient way or it’s utilizing outdated plugins that slow down response times. Themes, visual elements, high definition media, and running too many outside advertisements may also contribute negatively to website speeds.

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